Thursday, January 11, 2018

Valentines Day Flowers - An Expression of Your Love!

Each year there are many special occasions to give the gift of flowers, the first one most people think about is Valentines Day. And the flower choices you have are plentiful.
How wonderful it is that we can communicate our sentiments with the simple act of giving beautiful flowers. They can evoke curiosity if received from a secret admirer, show the confirmation of our love, or appreciation for being a special friend.
There is no better time to tell someone how you feel about them, then on Valentines Day. So remember to put special thought into a card to go along with the flowers, and put in words what is in your heart.
When giving flowers as a gift, you'll likely want to take flower meanings into consideration. Flower meanings are special in that they convey messages to tell us about our lives, including our relationships, as they communicate special feelings towards those we give the flowers to.
A rose may express a strong feeling of passion, a yellow tulip may indicate that someone is hopelessly in love. Red carnations, represent longing, while striped carnations represent a refusal of love.
Surprisingly, the word rose when rearranged spells Eros, the god of Love. A red and a white rose together symbolize the affirmation of a maiden's love. Red roses: I love you, unconscious beauty.
Red roses may stand for passion and even lust, white roses for purity, bridal happiness and serenity. Yellow means hopeless love, sunshine in your smile. Pink roses express our gratitude and appreciation. Orange rose is an uncommon alternative to the usual red rose. Purple symbolizes "first emotions of love" in the language of flowers. Blue: space, peace, transparency, cold, cleanliness, sea, sky, nothingness, loneliness, fidelity. Violet White:Will you dance with me?
If you want to make Valentines Day simply wonderful for your partner or significant other you must first give them Valentines Day flowers. But how else are you going to make the day a special one?
Here is the opportunity for you to be creative. Think up something to do that you would not ordinarily do for your loved one, and honor them with this gift. Many ideas abound of things you can do on Valentines Day to surprise and delight the special person in your life. If you need some help getting started, here are a few tips to get you thinking.
Tips To Make Valentines Day Extra Special
1. Prepare a bath for them. Put in a few drops of lavender essential oils to help promote the calming, relaxing experience.
2. Make them a scrapbook full of great photos and memories of the times you have spent together.
3. Dress up in something special, just for them.
4. Lead them on a treasure hunt of all of your favorite places and the places that have been worthwhile to your intimacy. End with a beautiful romantic dinner.
5. Start a journal that you will fill out together, alternating entries.
6. Spring for a carriage ride through your city, with warm drinks waiting for you at the end of the ride.
7. Talk about where you are going to be for your next Valentine's Day and the one after that.
8. Meet them at work in your nicest clothes and whisk them off for a whirlwind evening.
9. Give them a massage, sensual or otherwise. This is a great way to feel close to one another and to strengthen your connection.
10. Give them a lovely and truly unique article of clothing.
And finally, you can give them the gift that may be the greatest one of all ... take the time to just sit down, talk, and fall in love all over again!