Friday, May 1, 2020


Flowers Can Bridge the Social Distance Gap This Mother’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day looks different for many of us. It may not be possible in light of COVID-19 to visit with mom or other women who have influenced your life. Such separation induces stress and loneliness but, according to several research studies, flowers may be just the antidote moms and women in general need this season.

According to a survey by Wakefield Research, 68 percent of people feel stress on a weekly basis, and 32 percent are stressed every day—numbers that are now almost certainly higher in today’s COVID-19 environment. Women, in particular, are affected, as one in four report experiencing stress multiple times a day.

Research from the University of North Florida shows that something as simple as flowers can help. The findings show that people who lived with flowers in their homes for just a few days reported a significant decrease in their levels of stress and improvements in their moods. Additional research from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, shows that the presence of flowers around senior citizens decreased depression among 81%, refreshed recent memory among 72% and encouraged outreach to loved ones among 40 percent. And research from Harvard University found that people who live with flowers report fewer episodes of anxiety and depressed feelings.

“Flowers have evolved to activate positive emotional responses from people,” says Rutgers University researcher Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., director of the university’s Human Emotions Lab. “Each bloom has the potential to put a smile on our face and sway our opinion of a friend, colleague or loved one. That’s powerful.”

When you receive flowers as a gift, you know that someone is thinking of you right now, this very minute, said. Flowers spark joy, something that everyone needs right now—especially mothers.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Sending Flowers for Valentine's Day

There is no better way of showing someone you care than giving Valentine flowers. Even if you are giving other Valentine gifts, Valentine flowers add that little something extra to any Valentine's Day gift.
What Flowers to Give For some people, roses are the only flower that will do as Valentine's flowers. Nothing says "I love you" better than roses. Roses are the ultimate romantic flower, and the most popular present for Valentine 's Day. White roses are for love, red roses are for passion, and yellow roses are for friendship. Lilac roses are the choice to symbolize love at first sight. Red roses are the most traditional Valentine's flower, but white, yellow, or pink, are also used. Red Roses signify passion or strength of feeling, yellow roses stand for love, and white roses traditionally reflect innocence. A dozen red roses are considered to be a gift of love, while a single long stemmed red rose is usually seen as a passionate gift.
Other Choices for Valentine's Flowers
If you want to choose something different for a Valentine's flower, consider the recipient. What is her favorite flower? Knowing what certain floral colors symbolize can help you make the perfect choice.
What Colors Mean in Flowers
Blue Valentine's flowers represent tranquility and harmony, and give a sense of stability, confidence, honesty and security. True blue flowers are difficult and often expensive to come by.
Green Valentine's flowers bring good luck, with emerald leaves, apple-tinted blossoms, and chartreuse stems are associated with harmony and stability.
Orange Valentine's flowers suggest flamboyance, and really 'fiery' blossoms convey confidence and kinship.
Pink colored Valentine's flowers in pale pinks suggest emotional healing and inner calm, and bright shades of pink suggest friendship, and a fun romance.
Red Valentine's flowers are intense, passionate, and dynamic. Red colored flowers are seductive.
White Valentine's flowers represent peace and purity, and if they are given as a gift they are a gesture of respect.
Yellow Valentine's flowers represent hope and happiness, or are given as a token of courage and cheerfulness
This is a busy time of the year for florists so order early. Make sure you add a thoughtful message to your Valentine's Day flowers, even if you are giving them in person. It can be romantic, humorous or a quote from a poem.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fall Flower Arrangements

Every season represents different colors that people are used to seeing. It wouldn't make any sense to give out a flower arrangement consisting of summer colors during the fall. Whether you are buying someone a gift, or you like to have flowers that represent fall colors around your house, that you see a professional florist that knows what arrangements look the best.
Fall represents a drastic change in color when it comes to outside scenery. It is also a representation of Thanksgiving colors which consist of dark, vibrant arrangements. Thanksgiving flowers and colors will be the most popular arrangement to choose from during the fall season. Even what holds the flower arrangements will change during thanksgiving time. Woven baskets or properly themed vases are just a couple of examples that will make your arrangement perfect.
Something that will make your thanksgiving dinner look even better is a nice centerpiece that represents all of the colors of autumn. Maybe you would like to place full harvest arrangements on your front porch to help represent the season. A very popular choice to choose from during the thanksgiving season is cornucopia arrangements. A cornucopia is a horn shaped container that holds your flower arrangement together. It is very traditional during the holiday season and symbolizes abundance. Abundance has been associated with Thanksgiving because of the usual feast that most families have.
Normally the Cornucopia is what you would see as a centerpiece on the table you plan to eat your thanksgiving dinner at. There are other arrangements associated with such a feast to choose from as well. Centerpieces that incorporate candles in the arrangement are another popular choice for Thanksgiving. It is also common to see a centerpiece with an oval or elongated basket.
Not only homeowners can take advantage of customized autumn arrangements, but restaurants too. If you are a restaurant owner and want to be surrounded with the fall spirit, having custom arrangements near a buffet or small arrangements on dining table will make your customers feel right at home. Custom arrangements during your entrance that are designed to be outdoors will also be a great choice.
There are many different ways in customizing a flower arrangement for the fall season. Bouquets can have small pumpkins, or other squashes that are often associated with the fall season. You can expect that your local florist has any type of decoration and flower to fit your request, and all you have to do is call or go online to create the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Fall Wedding Flowers, Arrangements and Bouquets

Fall, the season of harvesting, has become a popular season for weddings, especially in very hot regions where summer weddings are not appropriate. A very important part of your wedding planning consists of choosing the appropriate flowers for your fall wedding.
First of all, when choosing fall wedding flowers you should decide for a color palette. Fall is a season which promotes warm, dim colors like the yellow or rusty leaves, earthy colors, gold, amber or copper. But if you want something more daring, you can squeeze in a bright terracotta or bright yellow, or even a plum purple or pumpkin orange. When you have your mind set on a palette of colors for your fall wedding flowers, be sure you also can find matching bows, ornaments, table and seat covers.
After you've got all these figured out, the next step is to choose the fall flowers for your big day. There are specific flowers that bloom in the fall, but there's always the option to choose flowers available throughout the year which come in warm colors such as: roses, lilies, calla lilies or orchids. Their advantage is that they are also long lasting, they can easily can be arranged into bouquets of all shapes and centerpieces. Be sure though that they are available at your local florist and you may also want to check out the price, since for flowers which are out of season, the prices may hit the roof certain times of the year.
If you want specific fall flowers you can choose from: chrysanthemum, marigolds, hydrangea, dahlias, sunflowers if you're lucky enough to have your wedding in September, or Aster for an October wedding.
Fall is a good season for innovation. Alongside fall wedding flowers, one can profit from the naturally colored foliage that can bring a plus to your centerpieces and bouquets. Yellow, rusty or red leaves can look awesome, especially if you can get lovely shaped dried leaves such as oak tree leaves or maple tree leaves. You can also use dried berries or fruit that can bring some liveliness and sweetness.
As an alternative to classical and fall wedding flowers, you can decide for an exotic fall wedding and choose from the great variety of tropical flowers such as Anthuriums or Bird of Paradise which are available throughout the year, are long lasting and, more important, come in shades of the fall.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tips to Follow When Sending Sympathy Flowers

Losing a loved is really hard and nothing can make up for it. However, support and sympathy from various people makes the family members of the deceased feel a little better. Sending flowers is a suitable option for showing one's sympathy for the close family members of the deceased. That is why people all over the world send sympathy flowers to bereaved family members whenever they hear about the death of someone they knew. However, people also often get confused when sending sympathy flowers as they do not know the etiquette regarding sympathy flowers. As a result, they sometimes make mistakes when sending flowers on this occasion. Following are some tips that should be followed when sending sympathy flowers.
Firstly, the appropriate flowers and colors should be selected. In most of the world, there is no hard and fast rule regarding suitability of different flowers and colors for expressing sympathy. Most of the flowers can be used for the purpose. One can select the deceased's favorite flowers for expressing sympathy or go by the meaning of different flowers. However, different cultures deem different flowers and colors appropriate for expressing sympathy. For example, only white flowers are appropriate for this occasion in Japan. Religion also plays a major role regarding the selection of sympathy and funeral flowers. Thus, it's best to ask the florist if one is confused.
Secondly, the appropriate size and type of the flower arrangement should be chosen. Florists have wreaths, bouquets, casket sprays and inside pieces for funerals. The choice of the size and type of the flower arrangements depends on the sender's closeness with the recipient. If the deceased was close to the sender then big and rich looking arrangements like casket sprays should be given. Otherwise, a small bouquet or flower basket will be sufficient.
Thirdly, a card with a sympathy message should be sent along with the flowers. The message should be written appropriately. Many people find it difficult to put their feelings in writing at times like these. However, all that is needed is a short message expressing sympathy and offering comfort. Such messages are greatly appreciated by the family of deceased in these hard times. If there is still a problem in writing such a message, then a card with a message already printed should be chosen.
Fourthly, the place to send the flowers should be decided. The flowers can be either sent to the funeral homes or to the residence of the person, who has died. Some cultures prohibit sending sympathy flowers to homes of the deceased people since it is seen as a bad omen. Thus, one should take the culture of the deceased into account when deciding where the flowers are to be sent. Closeness to the deceased also matters when determining where to send the flowers. Close people often send flowers to the residence of the deceased.
Finally, sending the flowers at an appropriate time is important. Sympathy flowers should be ideally sent at funeral homes before the first visitation hours. If they cannot be sent at that time then they should be sent before any additional visitation hours. Rushing the flowers to the graveyard or funeral home when the funeral services are taking place is considered inappropriate as it can disturb the ceremony. If the flowers cannot be sent on the day of the funeral then should be sent within one week.

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Choosing the Right Birthday Flowers For the Special Man in Your Life

When you are looking for a birthday gift for your father, husband, brother, son or boyfriend, flowers are usually not the first things that will come to your mind for some reason. However, contrary to the common belief, men too love and adore flowers. It is just the idea that flowers are only meant for the 'delicate' women that is misleading. It is a complete misconception!
Whether you believe it or not but, almost all men love to receive unique flowers on special occasions like their birthday, anniversary, etc. However, the kinds of flowers that should be gifted to men are different from those gifted to women. The perfect birthday flowers for the special man in your life should be bright and vibrant in reds, oranges and yellows. For instance, Gerber daisies, roses, carnations, etc. are good options available.
o When it comes to birthday flowers, a particular birth month flower would be the most appropriate birthday gift.
o If you are looking for flower for your husband or your boyfriend, nothing can be a better option than the red roses that symbolize love and passion!
o As far as flowers for your dad or son are concerned, they should not be passionate but should symbolize love, appreciation and thoughtfulness on the special day. For instance, bright colored flowers, orchids, ornamental plants and bonsai trees are great options.
Just like birthstones, every month of the year is represented by a particular flower. For example, carnation and snowdrop represent the month of January; primrose is meant for February, Jonquils are for March, daisies and sweet peas for April, hawthorns for May, rose and honeysuckle for June, water lilies for July, poppy and gladiolus for August, morning glory for September, marigolds for October, chrysanthemum for November and the poinsettia for December!
Thus, gifting flowers to that special man in your life can be a great way to make him feel special, if and only if you choose the right flower. Once you have chosen the right flower for him, go to the best flower shop in your city and

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Here's How to Choose Birthday Flowers According to Month

Birthdays give us all the reason to celebrate life and the idea of living on this Earth!
For everyone, birthdays are such a special occasion that it needs to be celebrated in a grand way. It makes the odyssey of life even more exuberant and exciting. A birthday reminds us of the time when we entered this beautiful Earth and started with the amazing journey of life.
And, gifts play a significant role in making this beautiful day even more beautiful. Flowers are the best choices when it comes to gifts! It's quite important to contemplate and then decide which flower to gift to a person who is quite significant in your life. Interestingly, choosing a flower according to the birth month of the person is the best idea to go for.
Here's how you can choose to delight your special someone not just with a bouquet of flowers but with a bunch of his/her birth month flower and that will be the most enchanting gift so far. I will explain here, which flower is associated with which month...
1. January Month Flower - 'Carnations'
Carnations are considered as the birth flower for the month of January and it's believed to be the best option for gifting to January born people when it comes to flowers. It's the sober yet amazing beauty, the bright spirit and enticingly pretty petals that makes them one of the perfect choices for gifting.
Carnations are considered as the symbol of pride, grace, glory, fascination, and the divinity of love that hold humans together with a bond. They can be gifted weather in the form of mixed flower bouquet or you can gift a stunning bunch of carnations to amuse the recipient.
2. February Month Birthday Flower - 'Iris'
Iris flower is considered as February month birthday flower and this is because of the fact that the Symbolic flower of Greek Goddess, who is also considered as the messenger of love, is Iris. And, since the month of February is considered as the month of love when the most romantic day of the year, Valentine day is celebrated, Iris is the Birthday flower for February.
The Iris flower symbolizes hope, faith, passion, love and a cherished friendship! It is the whites and the cool blues of the deep winter that makes Iris perfect flowers for the month of February.
3. March Month Birthday Flowers - 'Daffodil'
Daffodils are considered as the birthday flower of the month of March! The beautifully bright and enchanting petals of the Daffodils helps us express that it's the presence of the recipient that always makes the Sun shine bright and delightful. It's the perfect way of explaining to the other person that how much his/her presence is important to you.
It is believed that daffodils define an incomparable love and that gifting these flowers has the power to express a lot of the feelings of your heart. Nothing can express that eternal love and care that that bright and radiant bunch of daffodils can do. These flowers are symbols of the beginning of rejuvenating life and so are the best thing to welcome springs.
4. April Month Birthday Flowers - 'Gerberas'
Gerbera is the birthday flower for the blooming month of April! Gerbera is believed to be the close cousins of the Sunflowers and they have attractive snowy petals which have bright charming designs in the centre. Gerbera daisies are found to be the most popular of all the daisies and they are found in various colours including yellow, orange, white, pink, red and white.
It is the vibrant tang of these flowers that makes it a perfect choice for representation of purity, virtue and also cheerfulness. The look and feel of Gerbera is the perfect representation of the beauty of spring season and how it makes us feel young forever.
5. May Month Birthday Flowers: 'Lily'
Lily is the official birthday flower for the month of May and its delicacy and the soothing fragrance makes it so. And, it is that sweet fragrance, delicate white flowers that lists it among one of the most sought-after flowers for the season of weddings and parties.
Lilies symbolizes honor and the purity of the heart and that is explained in that enchanting language that these flowers speak. Also, these May month flowers are the vivid representation of the humility and sweetness.
6. June Month Birthday Flowers - 'Rose'
Rose is the official Birthday flower for the month of June and you must gift a bunch of some fresh cut roses to the one who is born in the month of June. Also, Roses are considered as the most popular flower and are the most preferred choices when it comes to expressing love, particularly to a romantic partner.
Rose is the perfect testament to the pure and serene love, passion, intensity and beauty inside your heart. And, the birthdays of the people born in the Month of June are believed to possess these perennially beautiful qualities and they deserve a bunch of gorgeous roses on their birthdays.
7. July Month Birthday Flowers - 'Larkspurs'
Larkspurs are the official birthday flowers for the month of July! These are considered as real blue flowers that are truly the representation of swiftness and lightheartedness. With start of the melting process of the snow, these flowers begin appearing but they do not grow much until July.
Blue Flowers are the symbol of humor, comfort, and lightheartedness! They are believed to be the perfect gifts for delighting a dear one on their birthday falling in the mid-summer-monsoon.
8. August Month Birthday Flowers - 'Gladiola'
Gladiolas are considered as official birthday flowers for the mo0nth of August! If you are celebrating birthday of someone close to your heart in the month August than choosing a bunch of Gladiolas to gift is an excellent idea. That will definitely spread that cheerfulness in your relationships.
Gladioli are believed to be the representation of sincerity and strength and are the aptest flowers for presenting to someone who is born in the month of August.
9. September Month Birthday Flowers - 'Aster'
Aster is the official flower for the month of September and is the aptest flower to gift to someone whose birthday is in the month of September. These flowers blossom in abundance in summer months and are found in different colours including orange, red, white, pink, purple and other shades.
Aster is believed to symbolize love, affection and a feeling of eternal love and gifting this flower brings in that spirit of celebration in the life of the person.
10. October Month Birthday Flowers: 'Marigold'
Marigolds are defined as the official flowers for the month of October and with their gorgeous beauty, vibrancy, they represent the magnificence of life. The bright and spicy touch and feel of the flower is the perfect representation of the pleasant change in the season.
These beautiful and classy orchids are the symbols of brilliance, grace, and affection. It also represents creativity, passion, and love and these flowers express the message of being a comforting hand.
11. November Month Birthday Flowers: 'Chrysanthemum'
Chrysanthemums are considered as official Birthday flowers for the month of November! Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular flowers after rose and are also known as 'mum'. These are vibrant beautiful blooms and are very famous in Japan where its presence is celebrated as the "festival of happiness".
Chrysanthemums are the symbol of happiness and optimism and they are the perfect choices for gifting to someone who is born in the month of November. This flower will express the profoundly true feeling of your heart.
12. December Month Birthday Flowers - 'Holly'
Holly is the official birthday flower for the month of December! Although this flower grows more in the form of bushes, the barrier at the end is red and bright and are the perfect representation of high spirit. Gifting them in a bunch to a December born is the ideal way to celebrate his/her birthday.
Holly is the symbol of a perfect and cheerful domestic atmosphere! Having deep and green leaves, these holly flowers symbolizes high spirits and is the perfect gift for all those born in the month of December.

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