Monday, June 12, 2017

Sympathy Flower Etiquette

Sending flowers when a loved-one has passed away is a suitable and appreciated gesture/custom. When there is a death, finding an appropriate gesture of sympathy can be difficult.

Choosing Flowers
When choosing flowers for the family or close ones of the bereaved, or for paying respects at the funeral, it can be helpful to think of the person who has passed on. Capture the essence of the deceased life choosing a floral bouquet or tribute with their favourite flowers or a style that depicts an aspect of their life. Such a personalised arrangement would be a very a special way of remembering the deceased. An example would be roses for a rose lover, lilies for elegance or gerberas for a bright sparkling personality.

Each culture has their own customs and traditions with regard to funeral etiquette. In Japan white flowers are only used in funeral sprays.

When you are unaware of the family's religious views, it would be recommended to send a general mixed array of fresh flowers. Professional florists will be able to assist you in choosing a floral arrangement that will be most suited to the situation and culture.

Traditionally lilac, white and pastel colours are associated with funerals, but occasionally a colour theme that reflects the taste of the deceased might be requested by the family. In most cases a funeral wreath will consist of a single colour such as yellow, white or to play it safe mixed colors.

There are different types of funeral tributes. Wreaths symbolising the cycle of life, crosses, coffin sprays, standing funeral arrangements, sympathy bouquets and funeral sprays. Each country and culture has their own preference. Containers are essential for Funeral home deliveries.

The color blue is associated in our everyday life with the feeling of peace. A blue iris or hydrangea can have a calming quality, whereas pink conveys joy and happiness. Yellow expresses the feeling of celebration, or friendship, and could be a touching addition to any sympathy bouquet.

Throughout the history of flowers, many cultures; from the Greeks to the contemporaries of the Victorian era, chose flowers based on their meaning rather than only their beauty or the deceased's preference. In today's society this is not particularly conventional, but if this method appeals to you, take the time to choose a flower based on meaning as a sign of your sincerity. For instance, the hydrangea means "heartfelt expression" and would thus be very appropriate.

Sympathy Card
It is polite and appreciated to send a sympathy card with your carefully chosen flowers. Many people struggle to write a sympathy card, because at such a time of pain and despair, words tend to fall short of providing comfort. A good florist should be able to help you. They will be able to add a card with a printed message such as "With Deepest Sympathy" where the sender would only need to sign it. A sincere message written from the heart is usually more appreciated. The bereaved will feel your heartfelt care, love and support, knowing that they are not entirely alone in their sorrow.

Be sure to add a contact name and number should the family want to thank you for your condolences.

Where to send your sympathy flowers
The sender should provide the following information to ensure correct and timeous delivery. The recipient's full name and physical street address whether this is to the family members or a funeral home. The time of the funeral is essential as well as a contact telephone number.

The customs and etiquette of each country differ and you need to confirm details with your florist. For example in the United Kingdom and Italy flowers are only delivered to the funeral homes. In Italy, if the funeral arrangements are sent to the family's home it is considered as an insult as you are inviting death into their home.

Flowers are used generally to adorn the coffin itself and in cases where there are too many flowers, they are transported in the vehicles that follow in the hearse. Make sure your flowers are delivered before the funeral commence.

During this emotional and sensitive time please confirm the local custom. Alternatively a mixed arrangement of fresh flowers is always appreciated.