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Coggins Flowers & Gifts – The Best National Flower Shop To Buy Flowers For Your Wedding

FTD White on White Bouquet
FTD True Love Bouquet
Looking for the most gorgeous summer flowers for your wedding? If so, look no further. As right here at Coggins Flowers & Gifts, you would find a comprehensive line of wedding flowers that would create a grand ambiance at your party venue. Being one of the best national flower shop's, we offer only the best in terms of quality, prices, and services.

Embraceable Bouquet

Secret Garden Bouquet
At Coggins Flowers & Gifts, we believe that there is nothing that captures the beauty of weddings better than exquisitely arranged fresh flowers. Hence, we leave no stone unturned to put forward the best wedding flower arrangements. We also offer customized bouquets as per the specific preferences of our dear customers. So, if you have any wedding flower ideas, feel free to share them with us. We would be glad to accommodate your needs and make your D-day as beautiful as possible through our fabulous arrangements. We have a team of highly creative and talented florists, who would help you select the flowers you need on your special day and arrange them nicely the way you want. And yes, we offer all this at extremely competitive prices.
Sunset Dream Bouquet
Pink Profusion Bouquet
Our stunning range of wedding flower bouquets includes – The FTD® White on White™ Bouquet, The FTD® Poetry™ Bouquet, The FTD® Pink Cascade™ Bouquet, The FTD® Sunset Dream™ Bouquet, The FTD® To Have and To Hold™ Bouquet, and many others. In addition to these, we also offer strikingly designed wedding corsages such as – The FTD® White Wedding Corsage, The FTD® Pure Grace™ Wrist Corsage, The FTD® Enchantment™ Corsage, etc.

White Wedding Corsage

Pure Grace Wrist Corsage

Enchantment Corsage
By choosing to shop at our shop, you can also have the convenience of ordering wedding flowers any time you want, as our online store operates twenty four hours a day. For more information about us or our products, feel free to browse through our website i.e.

Sunset Peach Bouquet

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How to Send Mother’s Day Flowers to Your Mom, Wife or Best Friend

Along with their own mothers, Americans spend Mother’s Day celebrating their wives, other relatives and best friends who are moms with flowers. Mother's Day accounts for one-fourth of the floral purchases made for holidays, according to the Society of American Florists (SAF). Those Mother’s Day flowers make memorable gifts. Research shows that 92 percent of women can remember the last time they received flowers, and 89 percent say receiving flowers makes them feel special.

“With a gift of flowers, you know that someone is thinking of you right now, this very minute,” said Jim Coggins, owner of Coggins Flowers & Gifts in Spartanburg. “It's the memory of the gift and the emotions that last forever.”

Jim Coggins offers the following advice on how to send the right message with flowers to the all the special moms in your life:

  • Leading Ladies. No woman – especially moms, grandmas and sisters – should live without a little TLC. A fabulous flowering plant or a garden-style arrangement with greens and soft pastel hues – no matter what the flower – will send the message that you care.
  • The Real Deal. Flowers are intimately – and internationally – linked with the art of romance, and for good reason says. As relationships grow, flowers become symbols of different events and milestones in our lives together. Take note of her favorite flowers – the varieties at your wedding, flowers you sent her when you first started dating or the ones she buys for herself. Those will have great meaning and impact.
  • The Gal Pal. Flowers that show you’re thinking of someone, but not in a sensual way, have a natural, just-picked feeling. Ask for a selection of garden-style flowers or a bright bold color palette that is fun and whimsical. A basket with a mix of flowering and green plants delivered to her door or office is also a sure fire winner.

For Mother’s Day gift ideas, visit or contact Coggins Flowers & Gifts at or call 864.585.6226.

About Coggins Flowers & Gifts
a Trusted Local Florist 1956, we are a full service Floral & Gift Shop. Offering a large selection of fresh or silk flowers for custom designed arrangements suitable for your home, special event or office.

We would be happy to accommodate your special occasion with our traditional or contemporary floral designs. Gift and Gourmet Baskets customized for individual and corporate gift giving.

We are committed to quality and service. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is our personal commitment to creating long term relationships with our customers. Your satisfaction is our Number One priority, not just because it's our job, but because we care.

Whether you want to convey sympathy, encouragement, love, or simply want to let someone know you care, we have a wide array of bouquets to choose from, or we can put together something special just for you.

We choose only the freshest, highest quality flowers and our shop has a professional and caring staff to serve all your floral needs. Your gift will arrive beautifully presented and personalized with your message. We have the flowers, plants, and gifts to help you express yourself perfectly.

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The independent research, including focus groups and a nationwide survey of 800 consumers, was conducted by The Michael Cohen Group

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Why Do We Give Flowers on Mother's Day?

The FTD® Sweet Surprises® Bouquet

Once every year on Mother's Day we stop and take some time out to say thanks to our Moms. You may say thanks to your Mom with some Mother's day flowers, a gift, a meal out or just a phone call. Have you ever wondered where the tradition of Mother's Day comes from? Or why, in fact so many people choose to give Mother's Day flowers each year?

Perhaps this year you would like to do something special for you Mom. If you think the usual Mother's day flowers delivery is a little boring, maybe it's time to look further a field. Consider some of the ways that Mothers Day is celebrated around the world and how flowers are incorporated into it. Perhaps you might even like to mention this to your mom around the world, Mother's Day is celebrated in different ways and in different days. One of the earliest historical records of a celebration of Motherhood was Matronalia, the ancient roman celebration held in honor of the Goddess, Juno. Juno was the goddess of childbirth. The holiday celebrated the idea of motherhood and childbirth.

Mother's Day, as we know it, was created by Anna Jarvis in 1912. She created the day in honor of her own Mother, Ann Jarvis, who had passed away. Along with activist, Julia Ward Howe, the two had worked for over forty years to have a day recognized for women. While campaigning for the day, Anna Jarvis would often give out white carnations, which is where the traditional of Mother's day flowers originates from. A white carnation symbolizes the purity of a mother's love. Mother's Day flowers delivery Manhattan requires orders of more white carnations than any other day of the year.

In the United Kingdom Mother's Day flowers are the most common form of gift. Instead of Mother's day, the British often use the term Mothering Sunday. This is an old Christian holiday which has, over time, come to merge with the more well known celebration of Mother's Day. Historically, the fourth Sunday of Lent was a time when many families in Britain gained leave from their employment. Often it was the only time of year all family members would be able to take holidays. For this reason, They would all return to their home church, to spend time together. Sometimes this day is known as Rose Sunday, as in honor of motherhood, Roses will be given out at the Sunday Church service to all women who are present.

In China, like the United States, it is commonplace for children to give their mother white carnations. However, Chinese traditionalists are pushing for this to be changed to Lilies, which historically are planted by Mothers when their children leave home.

Across history, the symbol of flowers is repeatedly linked with motherhood. Flowers, with their simplicity, beauty and purity to, as Anna Jarvis thought, best represent the love of a mother for her child. Let your Mother know that you return her love with flowers this Mother's Day.

Did you love finding out about Mothers Day Flowers traditions? Shop online ans pick the perfect arrangement at Coggins Flowers & Gifts. 

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