Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Flower of the Month...Sunflower!

FTD® proudly presents The FTD® Golden Sunflower™ Bouquet by Vera Wang. Bold and beautiful in a way that speaks to the romantic sophistication found throughout Vera Wang's design aesthetic known the world over, this sunlit fall bouquet is a gift set to warm the heart and enliven the senses. Gorgeous full size and mini sunflowers have a rustic allure to their yellow petals and dark brown centers when artistically arranged in a heavy heirloom quality crystal vase, catching the light at every turn. An exceptional gift to send in honor of a fall birthday, as a thank you, or as a way to share in your special recipient's Thanksgiving celebration. GOOD bouquet includes 10 stems. Approx. 16"H x 13"W. BETTER bouquet includes 13 stems. Approx. 18"H x 14"W. BEST bouquet includes 16 stems. Approx. 19"H x 15"W.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Tips to Follow When Sending Sympathy Flowers

Losing a loved is really hard and nothing can make up for it. However, support and sympathy from various people makes the family members of the deceased feel a little better. Sending flowers is a suitable option for showing one's sympathy for the close family members of the deceased. That is why people all over the world send sympathy flowers to bereaved family members whenever they hear about the death of someone they knew. However, people also often get confused when sending sympathy flowers as they do not know the etiquettes regarding sympathy flowers. As a result, they sometimes make mistakes when sending flowers on this occasion. Following are some tips that should be followed when sending sympathy flowers.

Firstly, the appropriate flowers and colors should be selected. In most of the world, there is no hard and fast rule regarding suitability of different flowers and colors for expressing sympathy. Most of the flowers can be used for the purpose. One can select the deceased's favorite flowers for expressing sympathy or go by the meaning of different flowers. However, different cultures deem different flowers and colors appropriate for expressing sympathy. For example, only white flowers are appropriate for this occasion in Japan. Religion also plays a major role regarding the selection of sympathy and funeral flowers. Thus, it's best to ask the florist if one is confused.

Secondly, the appropriate size and type of the flower arrangement should be chosen. Florists have wreaths, bouquets, casket sprays and inside pieces for funerals. The choice of the size and type of the flower arrangements depends on the sender's closeness with the recipient. If the deceased was close to the sender then big and rich looking arrangements like casket sprays should be given. Otherwise, a small bouquet or flower basket will be sufficient.

Thirdly, a card with a sympathy message should be sent along with the flowers. The message should be written appropriately. Many people find it difficult to put their feelings in writing at times like these. However, all that is needed is a short message expressing sympathy and offering comfort. Such messages are greatly appreciated by the family of deceased in these hard times. If there is still a problem in writing such a message, then a card with a message already printed should be chosen.

Fourthly, the place to send the flowers should be decided. The flowers can be either sent to the funeral homes or to the residence of the person, who has died. Some cultures prohibit sending sympathy flowers to homes of the deceased people since it is seen as a bad omen. Thus, one should take the culture of the deceased into account when deciding where the flowers are to be sent. Closeness to the deceased also matters when determining where to send the flowers. Close people often send flowers to the residence of the deceased.

Finally, sending the flowers at an appropriate time is important. Sympathy flowers should be ideally sent at funeral homes before the first visitation hours. If they cannot be sent at that time then they should be sent before any additional visitation hours. Rushing the flowers to the graveyard or funeral home when the funeral services are taking place is considered inappropriate as it can disturb the ceremony. If the flowers cannot be sent on the day of the funeral then should be sent within one week.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gift Baskets Make A Perfect Gift

We are always looking for gifts and presents and it can sometimes become difficult to decide what to give on certain occasions. But there is one gift idea that has become quite popular in recent times and this gift idea is to present gift baskets and there is a wide range to choose from.

Gift Baskets are great for a variety of holidays and occasions like new baby birthday, thank you, house warming, sympathy, Mothers and Fathers day. Baskets are designed using delicious gourmet foods and a variety of keepsakes. These baskets are not only fashionable but they are also eco-friendly, as most baskets are made from re-cycled material. These are a perfect way to express thoughts of kindness, friendship and love, to name but a few. These gifts are remembered and treasured because we put the thought and care required into each basket. This a great way to make sure your customers, associates, friends and family know they are appreciated.

Gift baskets include centerpieces, strawberry gift baskets, chocolate gift baskets, plants, fruit gift baskets, flower arrangements from florists, bath product/spa gift baskets , food gift baskets, candy gift baskets, cookie gift baskets, candle gift baskets, wine gift baskets, coffee & aromatherapy gift baskets. These can be either be highly personalized or generic enough that anyone would enjoy receiving them. They are the perfect choice for any number of holidays and other special events throughout the year.

Gourmet gift baskets are dedicated to providing every customer with the perfect basket for every occasion and at just the right price too. Gourmet fruit baskets are easily shared with clients, friends and family. Gourmet gift baskets sport an array of high quality ingredients and generous portions, many of which were created to feed the entire family. Gourmet coffee gift baskets are truly a gift that shows you care.

Corporate gift baskets are apt to let your business clients know that you are grateful for their business or to convey a message to your employees that their hard work is valued. Corporate gift baskets are also a simple, economical way to convey greetings, be it for the holidays or for other corporate occasions.

Unique gift baskets are crafted to reflect your imagination, personal style and give your family, friends and clients something they'll be talking about long after they receive your gift. Unique gift baskets for every occasion from birthdays to wedding anniversaries to holidays are created just for you.

Each gift basket can be decorated for the occasion you choose or you can use many popular "create your own basket" features that allow you to create that "perfect" gift. For example you can choose from a variety of favorites to help your student celebrate a festive occasion or to simply bring your student a smile when he or she may be homesick. Whether it be a get well gift for a friend, a sympathy gift for a colleague, a thank you gift for a job well done, or a our corporate gift for a client, gift baskets are an all occasion hit that will never disappoint.

You can choose from gourmet foods and beverages, specialty handmade chocolates, indulging bath and spa essentials, candles and fragrances, and much more. For food gift baskets most suppliers use only gourmet gift foods that are high quality and brand name products.

If you have an employee of the month program or other incentive program for workers, send a thank you basket to show your appreciation. Gift baskets help you to create expressions of love, thanks, or appreciation to lovers, friends, family, and co-workers with many personalized gift baskets which are ideal for any occasion, such as birthdays, retirement and religious holidays. And what better way to say "thanks" than with one of the many kinds of unique, personalized expressions of appreciation and gratitude.

You can also give them to welcome your new neighbor, Christmas holidays or to say thank you to someone special. A thank you gift basket can be sent to acknowledge the arrival of a new baby into the world, as a housewarming gift for the family moving into a new home or any number of other special occasions.

Gift Baskets are a unique & original way to express your feelings. Gift baskets are very different than they used to be. These are a thoughtful present for any occasion. Holiday gift baskets are especially appropriate when a group (such as office mates) want to give someone a collective gift. The possibilities for gift baskets are endless, and that's only half the fun.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Birthday Flowers Are a Perfect Gift

When it comes to finding a birthday present, all too often people think about everything but flowers. While there are some who don't like flowers, and some who are allergic to pollen, on the whole, flowers can make a truly special birthday gift. Not only are they beautiful, but they can last for days or even weeks for the cut variety, and a potted plant can last indefinitely, depending on how skilled the recipient is with gardening.
Since birthdays are generally a festive time, even for those who have one of those dreaded -ty years like forty or fifty, giving birthday flowers can be something special. Another way to think about giving flowers for a birthday is to make it as public as possible. Why not send an arrangement to their workplace so everyone gets to see the day is their birthday? With all the great flowers available, and all the neat arrangements florists can make with Mylar balloons, having a huge, ostentatious and outlandish flower arrangement sent to their workplace can be real blast.
On a more serious note, giving Mom or Grandma plants and flowers on their birthdays shows them that you care. If they like to garden or have good houseplant skills, then you'll have given them a gift that keeps on giving. Every time they look at it or tend to it, they'll think of you and how much you care because you gave them a birthday flower.
And giving a spouse flowers on their birthday shows you care as well. For the husbands, it makes a great gift to be given because it shows her that he didn't forget her birthday this year. And, of course, it makes a great gift to be gotten by the wife because she sees that he really does pay attention. When it comes to giving and receiving birthday flowers from your spouse, there really is no better gift, even though that lawn tractor really is a great deal.
All in all, finding a gift for someone's birthday can present a challenge. But by choosing to give flowers and plants as a birthday gift, not only are you giving something that is really going to show you care and how much you appreciate them, but you're giving something they will truly enjoy. Take a look at all the online resources available to see which flowers will be the best birthday flowers you a give.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Dish Gardens - Bringing Nature Into Limited Spaces


If you live in a high rise apartment or a condo unit where there's limited space, there's no reason why you can't have a garden around you. There's nothing as refreshing as the sight of live plants and new trend that's gaining some popularity among those living in restricted spaces is container gardening.
The best thing about container gardening is the control you have in your design choices. Containers come in various types - you can use small, shallow dishes or terra cotta pots, or if your space allows, empty barrels, old copper vats and crates are great for a rustic feel.

Selecting plants for your container depends on what region of the country you live in. As a general rule, go for slow growing plants that don't need frequent repotting. Perennials are a great choice, especially the woody types. They're hardier, can withstand temperature changes, and are easier to maintain and control.

Herbs are also a good option for your container gardens. You can regularly prune them as you use them and they have beautiful foliage. Most of them also fill the air with their wonderful scents and aroma.

You can also choose to work with several different-sized small containers and create a display of dish gardens in a patio or deck corner. This is a great idea especially for small plants like herbs and cacti. There are beautiful flowering varieties of cacti that come in such attractive colors. They're very easy to grow and demand very little attention and maintenance. They're perfect for someone who's always on the go and doesn't have all the time to spend on plant upkeep.

Whatever type or size of space you have, there's always the possibility of bringing the richness and beauty of nature into it. Container gardens are there to remind us of the splendor that surrounds us all at the outside.

Monday, June 6, 2016

List of Gorgeous Wedding Flowers

Wedding is the most important occasion for lovers. They do everything to make it extravagant and remarkable as well. Either an extravagant or simple wedding always have bouquet of flowers essential for the ceremony. Without flowers, this unforgettable ceremony would be imperfect and senseless.
Flowers will bring life to the wedding. These are usually decorated along the altar, walls and ceilings. The flowers, the bride will be holding should be the most beautiful flowers on that special occasion. Except from the appearance of the bride, her make-up, gown and shoes, the wedding flowers must also be striking and extraordinary.
Choosing the perfect flowers for a wedding is essential to make the wedding perfect and unforgettable. The question is that, what is the best flower to use for weddings?
The following are some of the flowers choose by most brides-to-be.
Rose - This is said to be the all-time favorite wedding flower. Roses come in many shades of white that is the ideal color for a descent wedding. White colored flowers are usually use for wedding occasions because it is a sign of purity and innocence. One reason why colored flowers are not commonly use is because these flowers tend to take away guest attention from the bride's appearance. Rose has fragrant scent but others have a little odor.
Calla Lilly - This is one of the elegant flowers and this can be a great wedding bouquet. They are beautiful enough to be chosen as flower for all wedding occasions. Their sophisticated elegance can put glimpse to the entire guest on that very special day. You can choose from a wide variety of colors such as white, yellow, orange, and dark color such as purple.
Tulips - These flowers could also be an option for wedding flowers. These come in different shades of white, red, yellow and lavender. These are thirsty flowers that require usual watering. If you chose tulips to be your wedding flowers for your big day, you should ensure that they are watered well before the ceremony started.
Orchids - Orchid is one of the famous flowers used in wedding bouquets. Wedding orchids have colorful blooms that are liked by most brides. Orchid is a representation of beauty, elegance and fragrance. Their sophisticated shades of colors attract people's attention as well as it beautifies the whole area of the wedding. Wedding orchids are the best flowers to be used in wedding ceremonies but this kind of flower is a little expensive because it is quite hard to grow. You should consider first many aspects like the budget before choosing a perfect flower to be used for your wedding.

These are some of the most used flowers for all wedding occasions. Finding the perfect flower for a wedding is a hard task indeed because the flowers should fit with the motif of the wedding. Flowers are one of the most important things in special occasions like wedding. They provide noticeable colors that give life to a one special event. Flowers can also give a relaxing scent which can provide good mood to all the people in the area.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Administrative Assistant Week April 26th - 29th

Do you have a an amazing assistant that without him or her you would be lost? Don't miss the chance to show them how much all they do you is appreciated with a bouquet or gift basket from Coggins Flowers and Gifts. Here are some great gifts to choose from:

The FTD® Thanks Bouquet is a simply gorgeous way to send your gratitude and thanks to friends, family, and loved ones near and far! Starting at $39.99.

FTD® proudly presents the Better Homes and Gardens® Sunlit Meadows™ Bouquet. This simply lovely bouquet makes a terrific way to add color and country charm to any Mother’s Day celebration. Starting at $37.99

Botanical Bouquet - As fresh, joyful and colorful as the season, these lovely mixed flowers shower any occasion with a burst of springtime loveliness. Starting at $39.99