Thursday, September 12, 2019

Fall Wedding Flowers, Arrangements and Bouquets

Fall, the season of harvesting, has become a popular season for weddings, especially in very hot regions where summer weddings are not appropriate. A very important part of your wedding planning consists of choosing the appropriate flowers for your fall wedding.
First of all, when choosing fall wedding flowers you should decide for a color palette. Fall is a season which promotes warm, dim colors like the yellow or rusty leaves, earthy colors, gold, amber or copper. But if you want something more daring, you can squeeze in a bright terracotta or bright yellow, or even a plum purple or pumpkin orange. When you have your mind set on a palette of colors for your fall wedding flowers, be sure you also can find matching bows, ornaments, table and seat covers.
After you've got all these figured out, the next step is to choose the fall flowers for your big day. There are specific flowers that bloom in the fall, but there's always the option to choose flowers available throughout the year which come in warm colors such as: roses, lilies, calla lilies or orchids. Their advantage is that they are also long lasting, they can easily can be arranged into bouquets of all shapes and centerpieces. Be sure though that they are available at your local florist and you may also want to check out the price, since for flowers which are out of season, the prices may hit the roof certain times of the year.
If you want specific fall flowers you can choose from: chrysanthemum, marigolds, hydrangea, dahlias, sunflowers if you're lucky enough to have your wedding in September, or Aster for an October wedding.
Fall is a good season for innovation. Alongside fall wedding flowers, one can profit from the naturally colored foliage that can bring a plus to your centerpieces and bouquets. Yellow, rusty or red leaves can look awesome, especially if you can get lovely shaped dried leaves such as oak tree leaves or maple tree leaves. You can also use dried berries or fruit that can bring some liveliness and sweetness.
As an alternative to classical and fall wedding flowers, you can decide for an exotic fall wedding and choose from the great variety of tropical flowers such as Anthuriums or Bird of Paradise which are available throughout the year, are long lasting and, more important, come in shades of the fall.

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