Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Choose The Right Color Flowers for Mother's Day

Everyone knows that flowers are one of the best gifts for mothers. Every mother appreciates a fresh bouquet that has been lovingly selected just for her. But before you send Mothers Day flowers, be sure that you are choosing some that are the best color to fit her unique personality. When you pick out flowers for her, you may think that knowing her favorite kind is all that matters; the color isn't really important as long as the flowers are pretty, right?
Wrong. The color can make a huge difference in how much she really likes the flowers. Have you ever heard of color psychology? It refers to the effect of color on human behaviors and emotions. Different feelings and associations come to mind when we see different colors. These emotions and thoughts can vary with the times and cultures of different civilizations, but no one can dispute the power of color when it comes to our subconscious mind.
Before you send Mothers Day flowers, think about her unique personality and the qualities you value the most about her. Then consider the following characteristics of colors:
  • Yellow -- Yellow is a cheerful color that makes us feel happiness and joy, as well as a color that many people associate with wealth because gold is so valuable. But be careful! When some people see yellow, they may think of cowards and liars.
  • Pink -- Pink is the universal color of peace and unconditional love. Seeing it can invoke feelings of affection and increased sensitivity to others. These associations make pink a wonderful color to choose for her flowers because it is representative of the nurturing instinct that all mothers naturally have.
  • White -- Most people consider white to be the color that symbolizes sacred concepts like holiness, reverence, and purity. They think that white is connected to cleanliness, as well. Also, white is the color that represents peace, as in "raising the white flag" to signal that the fighting is over and that peace should be restored.
  • Red -- Red is a color that is symbolic of many ideas. The most common concepts that accompany red are highly emotional rather than intellectual, such as passion and true love. But don't be too hasty in selecting red flowers; a lot of people think of anger or revenge when they see the color red.
  • Purple -- Purple is often identified with nobility and style. It is the color of royalty, signifying kings and queens. If she is the queen of your heart, maybe purple flowers would be best for her.
If you take the time to put a little extra thought into it, you can send Mothers Day flowers that are the ideal color for her. Consider her unique personality as you ponder the symbolism of the different colors. She will be thrilled that you were so considerate and thoughtful in the selection of her gift, and she will know just how important she is in your life.

Let one of our staff at Coggins Flowers and Gifts help you put together the perfect arrangement. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pick the Perfect Prom Corsage

Prom is similar to Oscar-night for High School where youthful men and ladies feel like a star for one night on celebrity main street, flaunting their rich outfits, tuxes and those carefully chose flowers for the prom. Young ladies have all the motivation to purchase outfits and rich shoes, clean their nails, and have their hair styled by an expert. So with respect to the mens tuxes, leasing limos, holding seats for supper and purchasing uncommon blossoms for their dates for prom night.

The flowers regularly utilized are roses, orchids and carnations. The customary style for a prom is a pin-on corsage, however wrist corsage and hand-held nosegays are the most prevalent styles today. These are perfect for strapless outfits and spaghetti-strap dresses. Young ladies don't need to stress over their outfits getting harmed by the pin or getting cut and squashing the corsage when moving.

Knowing your date's clothing is the first thing to consider.

For the women out there, don't let the fellow think about what you'll be wearing. He needs to know the style and shading of your dress to discover a flower that will coordinate.

With the various types of flowers and exhibit of confusing outlines accessible on the Internet and flower shops, you'll truly have some major difficulty picking the ideal blossom for the prom.

So why not go to Coggins Flowers and Gifts together? Both of you will most likely have some good times and you can even pick a coordinating corsage and boutonniere which will mix with both the outfit and tux. Converse with the floral designers and bring along the outfit and tux or a fabric swatch so that your flower specialist may have a thought how to organize the strips and blossoms to your outfits.

Make sure to request the flowers a week prior to the enormous night however it ought to be gotten one day prior to the occasion.

Also, for the men of honor - shock your date with a bundle of flawless blooms after your supper to express gratitude toward her for being your date.